B-School 2017 Bonuses



Ready for a story or two? Grab your cuppa, settle in.
We’re going for a walk down memory lane.


RACH: It’s June 2012 and I’m working full-time in the corporate world. The job is fantastic on paper, but five years in, I’m feeling creatively unfulfilled. RESTLESS. Discontent is eating away at me as I question myself relentlessly (‘Aren’t I supposed to be loving this?’). Overwhelm manifests in frequent colds and flus and a knot in my stomach that’s getting harder to ignore.

I’m also, quite frankly, getting sick of the sound of my own voice. I’m concerned I’ve become the woman that comes home to her husband and COMPLAINS. What. is. going. on? I think. My desire to be free to bring ALL OF ME to my work is literally keeping me up at night… but I haven’t done anything about it.

I have a blog on the side so I’m online (as much as I can be) and I start to see Marie Forleo’s B-School pop up in my feed. I’m intrigued. I love Marie’s vision and approach — a direct contrast to my day job. But we’re about to get married and there’s a whole lot of money FLYING OUT THE DOOR, so it seems slightly crazy to spend $2000 on a business program when I don’t even have a business.

Doesn’t it? Doesn’t it?

Cut to five months later and I’m sitting in my boss’ office handing in my resignation letter.

TARA: It’s a year of incredibly humble beginnings. I am, after all, a bartender and waitress. Living a good — but broke — life of travelling and snowboarding with my love. I’m sleeping in share accommodation and at night, can hear rats scurrying around beneath my bunk bed, or worse, the waitress in the room next to me getting jiggy with her latest mountain crush. Personal space? Privacy? Forget about it.

I’m starting to get incredibly impatient with the ‘seasonnaire’ lifestyle. It’s fun! The excuses to make memories are always present! It’s spontaneous! But while my friends are slamming back Coronas and having all-nighters, I’m blogging my little heart out and taking my journal to bed early.

Creativity was pulling me in.

A thirst for contribution began to emerge.

Months later, my husband and I spend six months in a sweltering little bedroom in Brisbane. In the pure hot stench of that little boiling room, and with B-School content guiding me the whole way, I tap, tap, tap away at my keyboard feverishly, in a quest to bring the business inside of me to life.

I am blessed to be working with paying clients before the year is out.


RACH: January 2. I open Skype and — a jangle of nerves and excitement — I greet my first blog coaching client with a bright smile. It’s a total trip. I can barely contain the energy in my body for the rest of the day and into the night. So THIS is what ‘they’ talk about, I think.

Gimme more.

I get to work laying the foundations for my burgeoning biz.

I’m asked to speak on stage. I collaborate with one of my besties on two eBooks, and our expectations around revenue for those books are well and truly blown out of the water. I travel with my husband to Europe for a month for our honeymoon and for the first time ever, I don’t have to worry about asking for more annual leave.

I’m on a year-long high. Finding purpose permeates not just my work life, but my ENTIRE life.

TARA: I’ve caught the bug. Creating content is my jam, it seems, and I just can’t get enough of the high that comes with publishing ideas and perspectives in the form of blog posts and videos. I’m starting to find some flow.

Having completed B-School last year, I enter 2013 with a project hot on my heart; a 6-week eCourse titled The Party Girl’s Guide to Peace. It’s my first experience of gathering a tribe of like-minded souls, and being the devoted leader of it. Together, we give the internet a little shake as we declare: ‘There’s a better way to live.’

Launching this program empowers Glen and I financially to set up our new, wonderful life on the Gold Coast — a beautiful stomping ground for what will always be remembered as the Year Of Writing.

Party Girls eventually transforms into a paperback book after a month-long Balinese immersion, and Rach and I collaborate on two Spirited eBooks; to the appreciation and wonder of thousands of women across the globe. #HowDiDWeGetSoLucky?


RACH: The first of the big-hitter launches: round one of my blogging ecourse Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted opens for enrolment in February, and in a head-spinning turn of events, my abundance mindset gets a major work over in a 3 week period.

I’m dazzled. A community of #bloghearted women is born.

By request, I decide to launch again a few months later. My income for the year triples on the previous one, and I count my blessings daily that I get the absolute gift of holding space for this tribe of passionate, talented souls.

TARA: Authoring a real-life, hold-it-in-your hands book and speaking about it on stage has been an emotional and awe-inspiring ride.

But aside from that, this is the year of grand adventure.

Of Japan, Los Angeles, Mornington Peninsula. Of Kundalini Yoga, sweet devotion, daily sunrises.

This is the year I start to feel and embody the gifts that come with time-freedom. I am living in joy. Revelling in time with my sisters. Creating for the thrill of it.


RACH: I launch Bloghearted once more, heading into my third trimester of pregnancy… and I now have a $430k course on my hands. And then, THE MAGIC. A baby enters the world, and life as we know it expands in the wildest, most extraordinary way.

My iPhone is elevated to PRIZED POSSESSION status as I run my business in a gentle, down-scaled way so I can apportion most of my time to the fine art of Staring at a Sleeping Baby.

TARA: Hold the phone. Cue: CHANGE. For reasons that still cannot be fully explained, the shape of my business takes an unexpected turn.

In January, I discover the doTERRA business opportunity and know immediately once stripping it down to the bones, that this is something I needed to bring my tribe.

In July, Glen and I launch his business, Let Us Feed You Organics — a labour of absolute love, sweat, tears.

At 28 years old, I’m now the founder of three businesses in three different genres: online, network marketing, product-based.

I’m not gonna lie — my head is spinning a little. (Okay, a lot)


RACH: That newborn babe is growing at breakneck speed. 

Every day, I feel grateful that my business gives me the flexibility to work when he naps.

When he’s up, he gets my FULL attention. We learn. We read. We go for walks. I’ve been here for every single one of his ‘firsts’ so far. And when he sleeps? I jump online. I write. I continue to express myself. I collaborate with my husband on his DIY bookkeeping program, Simply Xero, which garners incredible feedback.

I’ve always dreamed of being able to do life like this.

When I joined B-School in 2012, my vision of working on my own terms was given a BACKBONE — and with that sturdy base, came a business I cherish.

TARA: On a personal level, this is the most challenging year of my life. Bed-bound for three months, unable to be in my businesses, grief-stricken and drained of spirit.

But professionally, it was the most miraculous.

As I lay sick in bed each month, 5-figure cheques continued to roll in, supporting my husband and I when we needed it most; the result of a strong and empowered network marketing organisation (that feels more like family).

Once I heal, this blessing of collaborative business enlivens me and I devote the rest of the year to my team; to their freedom. As a result, I close out 2016 with my first 50k month, knowing that this is not an exception, but rather, my new normal.


Is this the kind of thing you dream about too?

Unbounded choice.
Contribution that feels so good it almost seems selfish.
Creative sovereignty.
Being the master of your own time.

If so, read on…

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Marie Forleo


THE online business school for modern entrepreneurs

Marie Forleo’s B-School (B as in business) is a first-class online business school for modern entrepreneurs — an 8 week online video-based training program that shows you, step-by-step, how to build a unique and profitable brand, market more effectively, and turn your online presence into a world-changing machine.

(In actual fact, B-School is so much more than an 8 week program. With lifetime access to the content and year-round support via the Facebook community, B-School is the gift that keeps on giving. And giving.)


This program is for those that are seeking more from life.

It’s for those who, amongst other things:

We can tell you from first-hand experience, B-School is the GAP-CLOSER — which is why we’re stoked to be bringing you an EPIC BONUS that will not only support you as you go through the program, but well into the future.

Let’s look at what you’ll get

When using our unique link to enrol in B-School



Our first bonus has been created for two very specific reasons:

#1 When it comes to dream-chasing and business-building, we know the immense power in CONNECTING with those on the same path. We also know the power in learning directly from those who have been there before (and yep, that would be us!)

#2 We want you to experience that unmistakable feeling of GETTING IT DONE. We want you to feel accomplished, productive, proud — and when life gets in the way, the opposite can often occur. Let’s have B-School be the program you finish with a smile (NOT another program that gathers dust on the digital shelves).

With connection and action in mind, we’re thrilled to be offering you 2 x GET IT DONE days, in which you completely eradicate all distraction, show up, B-School work in hand, and immerse with us — live.

{It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, because we’ll be doing these live retreats virtually.} This is going to be SO GOOD.


Hands up if you’ve been avoiding your business bookkeeping? Perhaps you’re not there with a biz of your own yet, but you know you’ll NEED to get on top of this vital area of your business once you start…

Let us introduce you to Simply Xero — the expert-created Xero training program and DIY bookkeeping course, created by Ramai MacDonald (Rachel’s accountant husband).

Simply Xero is is instant access, and is made up of 9 modules containing PDFs, ScreenFlow videos and checklists to help you master Xero and manage your money with ease. It also comes with a bonus masterclass with Rachel, which walks you through powerful strategies to grow your business.


Rebels Of Light is Tara’s soon-to-be-launched, tribe-focused mentorship program; a hotspot for young at heart, wide-awake women to gather and grow together, tribe-style.

This is a place for those ready to transform their lives and as a result, the world they live in.

It’s a high-touch, intimate group-mentoring experience; a space for evolving, endless conversations that span spiritual practice, feminine leadership, the creative process, divine self-responsibility, conscious relationships and courageous communication.

When you sign up through our unique link, you’ll be welcomed into tribe for the months of May-July 2017.

“There’s no more excuses to not shine your light with this woman coming into her own in the world.” – Alice Nicholls


Entrepreneurship. Creativity. Digital product development. Collaboration. Strategy. Spiritual Practice.

Feast your eyes on a recorded version of the live event my girl Tara Bliss and I ran exclusively for our B-School in 2015.

This content — all 10 hours worth! — complements what you’ll learn in B-School, and covers off topics such as our biggest lessons learned, cultivating powerful relationships, and creating digital products that sell (if an ecourse or ebook is in your future, you’re going to LAP THIS UP).

[Our rec? Use this one as a ‘biz booster’ later in the year.]

All free of charge to you
when you use the button below to sign up to B-School

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We’ve had the pleasure of guiding hundreds of women through B-School.

Here’s what just a handful of them said about the experience (and about hanging with us live):

“I loved B-School and the support Tara and Rach provided was TOP FREAKIN’ NOTCH. B-School ended up being the bonus! Highly recommend.”Ceri Kidby-Salom

+ + +

“Actionable, inspiring and game changing! Infinite surpassed all of my expectations, reignited my focus, answered questions I didn’t even know I had and made the seemingly unattainable, possible. If you can… then do. An experience I will continue to draw from for many moons to come. #lifechanger” – Katie Dean

+ + +

“It is hard to believe just how much I learnt in just two days with Rach and Tara. Through their generous guidance I have learnt more than just how to build a thriving online business – I’ve learnt how to create and run a business with soul. Infinite left me absolutely buzzing with energy and inspiration. All weekend I was completely captivated by the knowledge and energy that Rach and Tara shared with us. Thank you both so much for such a magical weekend.”Erin Williams

+ + +

“Reach for higher thoughts’ perfectly embodies the 2-day experience that unfolded with Rach and Tara at Infinite. It felt like a room full of women walked in with ‘I’m small’ mindsets and walked out ready to reach for their highest thoughts and their best selves.  A perfect union of head meets heart and a complete game-changer for me – thank you.”Lisa Reynolds

+ + +

“The whole weekend was absolutely life changing for me.  I walked away on Sunday feeling inspired by each of you and the women there to truly take action and follow my dream.  Listening to both of your stories and journey made me realise that what I truly want in this life – which is to serve – is within my reach. I can totally bust through those fears and limiting beliefs!

You both offered some really practical insights on tools that rocked your blogs and businesses, which followed on from and aligned with the B-School content beautifully. I am truly grateful for being able to hear from you and other like minded souls. Through Infinite Live and all your other B-School bonuses I have connected with so many beautiful women.”Ofa Fitzgibbons

+ + +

“Where to start. THANK YOU for showing me it’s possible to live your dream and passion as your job — and best of all, living this and being a successful business women. Hair raising feeling.

The insights shared from the two of you around creating digital products, content creation and audience building was wondrous, After completing this section of the workshop it opened my eyes to a eCourse project I hadn’t even thought of before, THANK YOU!

The knowledge they shared was paramount, not only did it leave me feeling warm and fuzzy… it gave me the confidence and drive to JUMP. I feel in flow and on the path to something marvelous.”Cazz LeMessurier

Common questions

This is our fifth year as proud partners for B-School, and the same questions tend to pop up year on year from those interested in the program, so let us address a few of them here for you.

1. I know I want to do my own thing, but I don’t have a business idea or a niche figured out just yet. Am I wasting my time signing up for B-School?

First up — pay attention to the things trying to get your attention.

Secondly — to put a new spin on one of our favourite Cheryl Strayed quotes:

“Put yourself in the way of success.”

Real clarity comes when you’re ‘in’ the energy of whatever it is you desire (rather than trying to think your way through it) and of course, that requires a little action-taking.

We could have asked this same question ourselves, as back in 2012, we knew what we loved, we knew what we were interested in, we knew our strengths — but we too had no idea what our businesses would actually look like.

Despite that lack of clarity, our intuition told us that we had to put ourselves in a space where people were doing the things we wanted to be doing. We needed a new frame of reference, and we knew the collective entrepreneurial energy in the B-School group would catapult us forward — which it did, quickly.

Put yourself in the way of success.

It’s also worth noting here that Marie has also created a brilliant bonus program called Start the Right Business, which is ideal for total beginners who know they want to become an entrepreneur, but who are stuck at the idea (or the TOO many ideas) phase.

2. I’ve got a lot on right now but don’t want to wait another year for B-School enrolments to open again. Do I need to follow the program in the 8 weeks and implement it all then?

When it comes to the course content, we did what we could during the 8 weeks but didn’t complete all of it in year one. The beauty of the lifetime access is that not only do you get the updates to the course when they’re released, but you can go at your own pace. Our experience has continued to deepen as our businesses have evolved through various stages. This will be our fifth year as B-Schoolers and our enthusiastic recommendation is this — ‘participate in the Facebook groups!’

One more thing: don’t forget that within the 8 weeks is nestled 2 implementation weeks, where content delivery is paused so that you can ‘catch up’ or dive more deeply into the previous weeks.

3. You’ve both said B-School gave you a sense of POSSIBILITY and acted as a catalyst for you. Can you tell me more about the impact it’s had?

Absolutely. A quick snapshot below, applicable to both of us:

And what’s new for B-School for 2017? Let us tell you!

Extended Payment Plans

This is the first time ever that you’ll be able to choose either a pay in full option, or 12 monthly payments of $199.

Dedicated Specialised Mentor Coaches

In 2017, B-School students will have access to more personalised support than ever before. Throughout the live 8 week course, there are dedicated Mentor Coaches within B-School to guide, assists and support all students in areas of:

Tech and programming
Web design and development
E-commerce (for product based business folks!)
Life coaching and more

The coaches are all successful business owners themselves and have years of experience with the philosophy of B-School. Total WIN!

Brand new Follow-Through Formula Bonus Program

Each training video comes with its own worksheets, and the content has been reshaped into four powerful videos that create the acronym D.O.N.E.

Updated Content 

Module 2 is brand new from top to bottom, and parts of Module 1, 3 and 4 have been completely updated for 2017. We love how Marie continually evolves the content to keep the program FRESH.


To recap what you’ll get with our bonus:

Business. Marketing. Blogging. Bookkeeping.
Product creation. Real-life connection. Online support.

This bonus has you covered in EVERY WAY.


2017 is the year you SOAR. Let’s do this!

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Still on the fence about whether B-School is for you?
Feel free to email us:: hello@tarabliss.com.au and rachel@inspacesbetween.com with any questions.


* Before you go: We’re proud affiliate partners for B-School, which means if you sign up through this link, we will receive a commission (which is why we’re able to offer bonuses that are generous, valuable and incredibly useful for you). To your success!